What is BUTEX?
BUTEX promotes mobility between universities and colleges in the UK and institutions overseas. Our mission is to promote British education internationally, to facilitate collaboration and regular exchange of information between our members, to develop expertise and to influence the future of international education.

How does my institution join BUTEX and how will we benefit?

It’s easy to join BUTEX as a full or Associate Member. For joining instructions, as well as all the great benefits of being part of BUTEX, see: https://www.butex.ac.uk/admin/membership/

Who are members of BUTEX?
To see a full list of current BUTEX members and Associate members, see http://www.butex.ac.uk/members/list-of-members/

What happens at BUTEX Events?
Each year, BUTEX organises a range of popular events for professionals involved in student exchange and study abroad. Non-BUTEX members are very welcome to attend all of our events.
Ranging from one day workshops to national and international symposiums and conferences, our events are always an excellent opportunity to increase your knowledge base, learn about new initiatives, discuss current issues within Study Abroad, share best practice and simply to meet colleagues working within the field. To view forthcoming events just click here http://www.butex.ac.uk/events/forthcoming-events/

What sponsorship opportunities are available to work with BUTEX?
There are always sponsorship opportunities available at BUTEX.
Please click the link below
http://www.butex.ac.uk/work-with-us/sponsorship-opportunities/ or email the BUTEX
Administrator atbutex_enquiries@outlook.com

What is the BUTEX scholarship Award?
The BUTEX competive scholarships are awarded to inbound students studying at a BUTEX member institution and outbound students from member institutions.
The value of each scholarship is £500 and will be paid to the winners once they have arrived and registered at their host university.
To check eligibility requirements and application information, see: https://www.butex.ac.uk/admin/scholarships/