The BUTEX Symposium 2019 – Call for Papers

We are now accepting session proposals for the BUTEX Symposium 2019 at The University of Liverpool on 4th July.

Title: Harnessing the Power of Student Mobility during Times of Change

The BUTEX Symposium is a one-day event with a mixed programme of sessions, workshops, guest speakers and opportunities to network and debate with your fellow international education colleagues.

The political, geographical and environmental landscape of the world is rapidly changing and evolving, whilst all the while global human inter-connectedness increases, both physically and virtually.

In the midst of this, mobility provides life-changing opportunities, for students across the globe, the opportunity to develop understanding and appreciation of both sameness and difference of their peers both at home and abroad.

Join your BUTEX colleagues to discuss how we can increase, improve and innovate in mobility during times of uncertainty and change.

All proposals are welcome and we would particularly encourage proposals on the following topics:


  • Outcomes of mobility and spreading the message
  • Access to mobility & internationalisation for under-represented groups
  • Inbound mobility programmes and access to them
  • Innovations in mobility and mobility models
  • Re-entry programming – what happens when students return to campus
  • Alumni engagement and continuing the Study Abroad journey

Please send your session proposal to by 21 January 2019.


The Sesion Proposal form may be found here

Please contact Julie Leverett at  if you would like to discuss this opportunity.