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AGM Minutes

AGM Minutes

BUTEX hosts two open meetings annually. Our OGM meetings are held in June or July and our AGM meetings are held in December.

The meetings are generally preceded by a programme of workshops and guest speakers and are a great opportunity for members to meet each other.

All BUTEX members are eligible to attend these meetings and we hope to see as many of you as possible at the next meeting!

AGM 2017 Friday 8th December 2017

Download BUTEX 2017 AGM Agenda

Download BUTEX Annual Report 2017

Download BUTEX AGM Minutes 2017

AGM Minutes 2016-Friday 9th December 2016

AGM Minutes 2015 – Friday 4th December, London

AGM Minutes 2014 – Friday 21st November, London

AGM Minutes 2013 – Friday 13th December 2013, London

AGM Minutes 2012 – Friday 14th December 2012, London

AGM Minutes 2011 – Friday 2nd December 2011 at London

AGM Minutes 2010 – Friday 10th December 2010 at London

AGM Minutes 2009 – Friday 11th December 2009 at The University of Westminster, London

AGM Minutes 2008 – Friday 28th November 2008 at Goodenough College, London

AGM Minutes 2007 – Friday 7th December 2007 at Goodenough College, London

AGM Minutes 2006 – 8th December 2006 at Goodenough College, London

AGM Minutes 2005 – Thursday 1st December 2005 at Goodenough College, London

Downloading our minutes

In order to download our minutes you will need either a copy of Microsoft Office or an equivalent program that can handle .doc files. To download, please right-click and use the “Save as” option or equivalent to the browser you are using.