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Institutional Participation in the BUTEX Reception at NAFSA 2018

29/05/2018 at Philadelphia,USA

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Event Description

We are now accepting applications from BUTEX members to take part in the BUTEX Reception at NAFSA 2018. If you have not yet sponsored this event and would like to be involved please complete payment by 15 March 2018.

Each year, BUTEX organises a sparkling wine and dessert reception as part of the annual NAFSA Conference. Participating BUTEX members pay a fee of five hundred and twenty five GB pounds and in return receive free tickets to this event for their own UK staff and also for their key international partners and contacts. The number of tickets each participating member receives varies slightly each year according to the number of BUTEX members who wish to take part. However BUTEX intends to allow members to allocate 15-25 guest list places to their own staff and their key international contacts, and anticipates that members will receive a further 5 tickets to distribute at NAFSA. We always try to make this event relaxed and fun, we use interesting venues rather than hotel rooms, and we order great desserts! It's a great way to network with your current partners and meet brand new contacts. If you have not participated in this event before and would like further information please do not hesitate to contact us at butex_enquiries@outlook.com

The Reception 2018

The 2018 Reception will take place on Tuesday 29th May, at The Punch Line, Philadelphia.

9pm - 11 pm

33 E Laurel St, Philadelphia, PA 19123, USA

This is a ticket only event

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