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The BUTEX Conference Focus Group Meetings

Monday 7 July 2014 at The University of East Anglia

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Event Description

The BUTEX Focus Group Meetings 2014 Message Page

New Meeting Added!

The following meeting has now been scheduled at 2 pm:

New to Study Abroad?: A discussion meeting for anyone new to study abroad so that you can get to know each other and share issues. A couple of old hands will be also be available in the meeting to give advice!

Call for all old hands and salty sea dogs!

It would be nice to run a meeting for people who are new to the world of study abroad, so that they can get to know each other and share issues. Are there any old hands out there who would be happy to come in on the meeting so they can benefit from your worldly wisdom? I will run this at 2 p.m. so I am looking for someone who will not be in the Community of Practice meeting.

New Meeting Added!

Annette Kratz from the University of Surrey has added the following meeting to the schedule.

Institutional Approaches to Risk Assessment and Emerging Procedures: A discussion meeting for any delegates with an interest in this topic. Please bring along your own policies.

New Meeting Added!

Elissa Williams from Keele University has added the following meeting to the schedule.

New Erasmus funding arrangements: A discussion meeting for any delegates wishing to share ideas and discuss options on how to proceed with arrangements for the upcoming academic year under the current Erasmus funding situation.

Meeting Cancelled

The update which Anne Marie Graham from the UKHE International Unit had scheduled for delegates who are not involved with the Community of Practice initiative has unfortunately been cancelled. Don't be confused if you are involved in the Community of Practice initiative, your meeting has not been cancelled!

Private meeting added for those involved in the community of practice initiative.

Anne Marie Graham has added a private meeting and she will contact those involved directly with further details.

For full details of the BUTEX Conference and the Focus Group Meetings 2014 Link to The BUTEX International Conference Page.

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